Upload – Uploading Files in Thru Web

A comparison of the upload methods is displayed below.

Browser Upload

Selecting Browser Upload displays the window shown below when using a browser that supports HTML5.

1. Click Select files and a dialogue box will open for you to navigate to the file you wish to upload.

2. Click Open to select the file and it will appear it the respective field.

3. Click Upload to start the upload. A new window will open giving you the progress of the upload and the approximate time it will take to complete.

NOTE: You can only upload files using the Browser Upload. If you wish to upload folders, then they must be zipped first before uploading or uploaded using the Java method.

Java Upload

To upload files or folders to a selected folder, click the Upload button found on the User Tools bar.

In this view, you can either drag and drop files and folders or click on the Add button to browse for the files or folders

Once the files are queued, click the Upload button to start the transfer.