Installing the Software

This section describes the steps required to install Thru for IBM Notes desktop application.

Follow these procedures for the initial setup.

  1. Begin by launching the Thru Connector Setup file. The following Welcome Screen is displayed below.

  2. Click the Next button. The Installer verifies that the user has Administrator privileges on the local computer and verifies that Thru for IBM Notes is not already installed on the user's computer.
    The Installer also verifies the following system requirements:
    1. The installation is run under Microsoft Windows version 7 or greater
    2. Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 or later version is installed
    3. Ensures that user has IBM Notes 8.5.3 or later version

  3. If all the system requirements are met, accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next to continue the installation.
    The setup shows the Thru End User License Agreement (EULA) screen.

  4. Upon EULA acceptance, the Installer displays an option to select the desired components and installation location directory.

    1. The Reset button resets the installation files to the default directories.
    2. To quickly check the available drive space for the installation, you can click the Disk Usage button. It will display the available free space for the selected drives.

  5. Next, select the components to install in the desired installation directory and click OK.
  6. The installation will begin to copy the necessary files to the installation path that you have selected.
    It will also create the Windows Start Menu icon for Thru for IBM Notes.

  7. If User Account Control dialog box is displayed, click Yes:

  8. Check the two boxes to ensure that the shortcuts will be displayed:

  9. Finally, click Finish to complete the installation of Thru for IBM Notes.

  10. If User Account Control dialog box is displayed, click Yes to create a shortcut:

  11. Click OK on the final dialog box: