Access Thru Explorer Options

If Thru Explorer has been opened for the first time or in case connection settings were not set in the Thru Add-In, prior to the launch of Thru Explorer, the Preferences dialog box will be displayed.

Preferences are also available via menu Tools → Options.

Four tabs are available in Preferences dialog: 

Connection Tab

The Connection tab is used to connect the Thru for IBM Notes add-in to a Thru server.

The following information must be entered to connect to the Thru server as in the image below:

  • URL to Thru site: For example
  • Username: Name used for account in Thru site
  • Password: Password for account in Thru site

Sent Thru Folder

Click on the Sent Thru Folder tab to access the settings.

Set the frequency of Sent Thru folder refresh. The default is 5 minutes and it can be changed to 5 min increments.

Note: faster updates consume more bandwidth

Download / Upload

Click on the Download tab to access the settings.

Behavior When Files Already Exist in the target location while uploading or downloading:

Select the action of the Thru Add-In if the file with the same name exists in the target folder.

Example: If a file named Car exists, the new file will be named Car1.

Click on the Upload tab to access the settings.

Restart upload… Number of retries and retry settings

Proxy Settings

Click on the Proxy Settings tab to access these options.

Settings here are exactly the same as in the Thru Add-In.

Click OK to save the settings that you have edited.