Downloading Files or Folders

Thru Explorer can be used to download the files and folders stored at Thru site to a local drive.

Files and folders can be downloaded using Thru Explorer via two different menus.

Download via toolbar menu

Select the file to download and click Download button on Thru Explorer toolbar.

Browse dialog box appears to select the target folder location.

Select the target folder (or click Make New Folder) and click OK to start the download.

Transfer Manager will open and download the file or folder to the target location.

Download via Right-Click Menu

To download files or folders by the right-click menu, right-click the selected files or folders to display the dropdown menu.

Click Save to save to the Downloads folder for the current user or click Save As to display the target folder selection dialog.

If a user clicks Save As, a dialog box is displayed to select the target folder as shown below.

Select the target location and click OK to start the download. The Transfer Manager starts to perform download to the target location.