View and Manage File Versions

When you overwrite a file within a Thru folder, Thru records a timeline of all previous versions of the file within the Versions tab.

The timeline records who created a version, what time it was made, the size of the file, and the file's owner.

To have versioning enabled on your Thru site please contact your Thru account manager.

Note : If you would like versioning enabled on your Thru site please contact Thru Support.

The following sections will show you how to create, view and manage document versions in Thru:

Creating Versions

 To have the option to overwrite the file, the name of the file being uploaded must be identical to the file you want to create versions for.

To create versions for files within Thru:

  1. Upload a file to a folder and choose to "overwrite" an existing file that has the same file extension.

  2.  After selecting overwrite, click OK.
    Example of overwriting a file:

    NOTE: If you are uploading multiple files and want to overwrite them all at once, select Apply same action to the rest of items.

  3. After files have been overwritten multiple times, the version history can be viewed from the Versions tab.
    From here you can restore versions, view the transaction history of each version and download a copy of any versions for reference.

Restoring Versions

To replace the current version of a file with a previous version:

  1. Select a file and go to Versions.

  2. If you need to view a version's content before restoring it, click on the download icon next to the version's file name.

  3. After you know what version you want to restore, click Restore next to that version to instantly replace the current version.

Viewing Activity Stream of Versions

To view the Activity Stream of a file's versions:

  1. Select a file and go to Versions.

  2. Click on Activity Stream next to each version to view the transaction history of that particular version.
    The Activity Stream lists the name of an operation, the date/time, user/recipient name, IP Address, the app used and whether or not the operation was successful. In the example below, the Activity Stream shows that a user has successfully downloaded a certain version using the Thru Web application.

  3. To view more details about a transaction, click on an operation's name (i.e. Internal Download).

  4. A window opens that shows the log details of the transaction.