Choose Folders to Sync to Your Desktop

Note: Users that are in the Basic User Group will not be able to use this Addin/Connector.

After installing Thru Sync to your desktop, you will be prompted to set up your Thru account.

  1. Enter your Thru Server URL, Username, and Password.

  2. After successfully logging in, you will be able to choose Thru folders from your account to sync with your computer.
    1. First, select the location you would like to sync your folders. The default location is C:\UsersYour User Profile\Thru.
    2. Next, choose the folders you would like to sync to your desktop. Select a folder by clicking the checkbox next to each folder. Use the arrows to locate sub-folders.
    3. Click the OK button at the bottom of the window to sync the selected folders to your desktop.
      Note: Once files are synced, a Thru folder will be created in the Favorites section of your desktop file system. All content synced from your Thru account will be accessible in that folder.