Publishing a File in Thru Explorer

To make a file available for download via Publishing (creating a link to the file) you must be a user in the Publishing Users group.

Once you have submitted your file for publishing, a user belonging to the Publishing Administrators group will need to publish a file.
That administrator will have to approve the publishing before it is available for download.

To publish a file in Thru Explorer:

  1. Right-click on the file you want to publish.

  2. The Send Publishing Request window opens.

  3. Choose a Collection by clicking on the dropdown arrow on the right to select which collection you would like to add this publishing.
    New Collections can only be added by a Publishing Administrator.
  4. Link Text is what will be displayed when a receiver goes to pick up the files.
    You can change the Link Text to whatever you desire as long as you keep the file extension intact.
  5. Link Description is optional and will help you keep track of your publishing.
  6. Request Note is also optional and will be displayed to the Publishing Administrators when they go to approve your publication request.
  7. Click Send.
  8. A Publishing Administrator is notified via email notification to log in and approve or deny your publishing request.